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Published: 13th July 2010
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Development of micro- Bio-fertilizer The time is ripe

In the recently held the first national eco- Environmental protection Symposium and the new high-tech industry model fertilizers and cleaning Energy Promote the meeting, participants manufacturers, agricultural marketing, farmers representatives of farmers and industry experts reached a consensus: microbial fertilizer to speed up the development, production and promotion, through Organic Materials and Chemical fertilizers Optimization of the compound to regulate the conversion of chemical fertilizers and nutrients, release and mode of supply, not only can improve fertilizer use efficiency and crop yield, soil fertility and improve crop quality, but also digestion of agricultural waste, reduce pollution and clean environment. It can be anticipated, the development of microbial fertilizers will become new hot spot.

Microbial fertilizer will help to improve the natural environment

Henan Lung Cheong Industrial Group were the source of ecological eco-industry, Qi, general manager of steel that chemical fertilizers on the development of modern agricultural production and protect the human laid the material foundation for food security, however, the low utilization rate of fertilizer and the resulting high environmental risk has been a major issue plaguing the world. Therefore, countries in the world are actively exploring to improve fertilizer use efficiency, ways and means to curb environmental pollution, the last 20 years, mainly by changing the nutrient release characteristics, improved fertilizer functions to achieve the above objectives. The first mode of nutrient release through modification and improve efficiency, reduce pollution; two composite modified by fertilizer nutrients, and improve efficiency, reduce pollution; Third, through the organic Inorganic Fertilizer compound, improve efficiency, reduce pollution; Fourth, through the development of fertilizers and fertilizer and to improve function, improve efficiency, reduce pollution. Especially for organic and inorganic fertilizers composite research and development, has become nowadays.

This, Shanghai Alliance Industry Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Guoqin agreed. He said the long-term excessive application of fertilizers, leading to severe soil compaction, environmental degradation, so the development of environmentally friendly microbial fertilizer has been imperative. He felt that with the promotion of soil testing and fertilizer, there will be more and more farmers to use fertilizers and other new microbial fertilizer, follow the road of scientific farming, so as to achieve balanced fertilization, scientific fertilization, improved crop growth environment, improve crop yields and quality purposes.

Reporter found that in the first national high-tech industry model eco-Symposium and new fertilizers and during the promotion of clean energy, from Shandong, Hebei, Shaanxi, Henan, Hunan, Guangxi, Shanxi and other places, the representative of agricultural materials dealers very interested in microbial fertilizer. According to them, they are the participants is to seek to understand some of the latest developments relating to fertilizer, more have some knowledge in order to recommend products to farmers will be more targeted. In their view, microbial fertilizer will come in handy.

Beijing middle peasants ST Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wang Zhong Yuan believes that the development of microbial fertilizers, the time is ripe: first, a lot of fertilizer and fertilizer prices continue to rise, to a certain extent, damage the soil fertility and fertilizer for farmers enthusiasm, they desperately need a good and cheap fertilizer to replace; Second, microbial fertilizer in line with international new fertilizers (functional fertilizer) in the direction of development will be a new sunrise industry; Third, the domestic real one of the few brands of microbial fertilizer, which is committed to the development of this business enterprises with opportunities. Sanyo Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd. Hebei

chairman Li Shengwen that the effectiveness of microbial fertilizers play a major by the traditional chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer synergistic effect on the activation of soil improvement, and the physiological role of micro-organisms, etc. to achieve. Therefore, there is a microbial fertilizer chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer, beneficial bacteria in a variety of fertility and the biological effect is activated fertilizer nutrients to improve fertilizer effects, improved crop quality, and promote the ideal fertilizer for agricultural production efficiency.

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